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Making your reservation:

How do I book a room?

The booking process in our system is very simple:

  1. Choose the desired city, enter arrival and departure dates and select a room type, defined by the number of people. If you require a specific category hotel, you can narrow it down by entering the desired category. If you require a specific hotel, please enter the name of the hotel.
  2. Click the Search button. The screen displays the list. More information about the hotel, see if you click on the link "More information about the hotel." Hotels listed are sorted by price in ascending order. In addition, you can sort by hotel name, category, location and the type of diet.
  3. Click on the Book It button in the selected row to move to the first step of booking. Please complete the form and list of names for accommodation (names entered here must be original). Please be careful to keep your name and e-mail address typed in the correct shape.
  4. After completing all the required information, click on the Continue button. In the second step, you can specify a reservation late arrival (must be entered if you arrive after 18 pm), or other special requirements. When book accommodation, you can also order insurance.
  5. Click on Continue. The last step is to confirm your booking terms and conditions, select the desired method of payment, or whether they want to send a tax receipt.
  6. Then click on Book. If you need to specify the reservation confirmation some data, customer service worker you will be contacted within 24 hours by e-mail. If not, you will automatically receive an email confirming the status of your reservation.

Is the use of a credit card really safe?

Yes, no doubt. To ensure your safety, our company uses secure channels that encrypts the credit card number and encodes it into an unusable form.

What credit card types are accepted as guarantee / deposit?

We use all major credit cards such as VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club.

My credit card number is correct, but the card was not accepted. Why?

There are different possibilities: The system does not accept your type of card, or expiration date (validity) of your card has expired; or have exceeded the limit on your card; or if you have enabled this type of payment to your credit card.

Can I choose where's my room located (preferred floor, next to pool, etc.)

Special requests can be noted in the second step with the reservation that will be forwarded to the supplier / hotel. The hotel staff always tries to do everything to make your special requirements came forward. Our company, however, can not guarantee their compliance because they depend on the current hotel occupancy.

Will I receive an invoice after booking a hotel?

If the interest of the service booked order and pay immediately or at any time until the date of cancellation, please contact us at the email address info@primahotely.cz. At the latest it had to do so by the deadline indicated in canceling an email confirming the status of your reservation. Unless to do so will be at 18 am on the day of cancellation date your reservation will be canceled. If spadat term cancellations for the weekend or a day off, you will need to order the book, or at the latest on the last working day preceding that date. Our company offers a course invoice. Just fill out all your required initials in the pre-windows. An invoice will be delivered to the mail that you provide as a contact. Paper form only issued invoices to your special request and this is a paid service.

Applies room rate per person or per night?

All prices displayed in the overview are the total price for the entire stay and the requirement according to the criteria specified by the customer during the search. Rates include service charge and may or may not include local taxes. Breakfast and / or other food is given, unless stated otherwise. Some hotels, contractors and local authorities may charge additional local taxes that would have been paid by the customer on the spot.

There are extra beds / cots?

Providing cots or beds and any additional cost must be verified with the customer service staff at info@primahotely.cz . Baby cots are only suitable for children up to 2 years (<2), the age of the child no longer than 24 months.

Is breakfast included?

Type diet is always listed in the reservation.



How can I check my reservation request?

On your reservation you can see if you are logged into your account, where you all archived data. In case you're not logged in, via the "reserve list".

I can not wait long for confirmation. What should I do?

Most of the book usually takes place in real time and your confirmation should get in a few seconds. The status of your booking you will be notified by email within a few seconds. If part of your booking any special request, the request will be sent for processing employee customer service. You can contact us directly at info@primahotely.cz



What is the cancellation policy apply to my reservation?

General information about the terms cancel, see the general terms and conditions. It always canceling dates mentioned in the email confirming the status of your reservation. By this date you for cancellations will not be charged any fee, provided that the reservation will not be the issue of travel documents (voucher). If the issue of travel documents (voucher), and if the reservation is canceled within cancellation period, we will charge a handling fee of CZK 500 for each person mentioned in the book, which reached the date of cancellation age of 18. If the reservation cancellations after the deadline will be charged the above fee and cancellation fee, which can be up to 100% of the reservation depending on the conditions of hotels / suppliers. For this reason, we recommend that you take out a cancellation insurance. To do so in the context of the implementation of the reservation, or even later in the section "Travel Insurance"

How do I cancel a reservation?

Please contact us by email at customer service info@primahotely.cz always with booking your reservation number (for details, see the email in which you have confirmed the status of your reservation).

+420 542 422 838 call or write to us

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