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The bonus program

Bonus program Primahotely

Primahotely appreciates you, its loyal customer and offers a convenient bonus program. Already from your first login, you can search for hotels and transfers for both competitive prices and, in addition for each reservation, bonus points are added to your account. For points you’ve collected you can earn valuable bonus gifts in the form of vouchers for the purchase of goods and the free accommodation.

Are you travelling frequently for business for meetings, exhibitions, installations, etc.? Or maybe just because you enjoy travelling and want to get to know new cultures, people and places. Then, the bonus program will pay for your returning usage of our service.


With membership of the bonus program of Primahotely you will reap these benefits:

  • Access to favorable prices of hotels, airline tickets, rental cars and transfers
  • Receive points for the first booking without obligation to any minimum number of reservations.
  • Your current membership in the frequent flyer programs or corporate airlines will not be affected. You simply collect more advantages.
  • Your Primahotely.cz collected points are never deleted and we will not force you into any premature expenditure of your accumulated points. You can spend them at your leisure.
  • Your accumulated bonus points can be used to order gifts for yourself or for anyone else.
  • Your login to our portal can be used to book hotels, flights, cars and transfers for anyone else, but still we add bonus points to your account.


After registration you will immediately receive an email and password input welcome points. Whenever you visit Primahotely.cz just click on the LOGIN and enter. You can always check the status of your account when you are logged in.

It’s easy to join the Customer bonus program of Primahotely now. Continue HERE .


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